Re-Establishing Altruism As A Viable Social Norm

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The GiveAway Project

To take part you will need:... Belongings you don't care about (e.g. spare CD's, videos etc.)
  People you do care about (e.g. friends and family members)
The idea is to go though the belongings you don't have much need of and give them away to the people you know who need them more. This will help you live a tidier, less crowded life, with less waste and stonger relationships with those around you. If you have more stuff than you can give away to those close to you, you could look for a local Give Away Shop, while if you have specialist stuff that would suit a niche market, try a Give Away Website.

Kevin Towell from UK says:

I made it my mission to painstakingly go through my every single posession and give away everything that was not in use...   I made a point of giving the usable stuff to whoever could make the best use of it.

It was a great feeling to give things away to people who wanted or needed them...   In return for one of my unwanted posessions my friend Simon gave me one of his, some unused exercise equipment which was just what I needed myself...   By letting go of my surplus I have helped many others and made an enormous gain in space and freedom, a burden has dropped from my shoulders and my heart.

Read his full testimonial here...

Taking part is easy! Just give your stuff to your friends...

If you want to promote the project, write this address on the stuff you give away:

GiveAway FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Someone just gave me something which had this web address on it. Why?
This is the homepage of the Altruists' GiveAway project. They thought you could make better use of it than they could. If it was a book, they'd probably read it. If it was a CD, maybe they've listened to it enough. If it's something else, then maybe they lost interest in it or don't need it.

2. Can I keep it?
If you have a need for it, please do. This project is about reducing waste by making sure that the things we have are well used. If not, pass it on.

3. Why should I give stuff away?
Living lightly, having less stuff means you have more space in your life for people. For more inspiration, see the testimonials of people who have given stuff away.

4. I've got something I want to give away. How do I do it?
Consider the people you know personally, and ask yourself who would benefit the most from receiving it. Do you know someone who is down right now and would appreciate such a gesture? Some people are shy about accepting stuff, especially from strangers. You might find it helpful to write the URL ( on it before you give it away. If you don't know anyone who could use it, see the next question.

5. I don't know anyone who would want it, but I don't need it. What can I do?
Well you could always give it to a worthy looking stranger. Alternatively, you could stream it to some who needs it. Don't consider your friends as ultimate destinations for stuff, but see them as points on the way. Ask yourself who is most likely to have a friend who could use it, then write the webaddress in it and pass it on.

6. I gave a load of stuff away. Do you want to know about it?
Drop us an E-mail if you like, at the address below. If you've got an inspiring testimony, why not send it in for the testimonials page?

7. I just got a load of stuff. Thanks!
Don't thank us, it wasn't our stuff -- thank the person who gave it you!:) Why not give back something of yours that you would be well received, or just pass the blessing on and give away some of your stuff to someone else?

8. But what if I really need it and I just gave it away?
If this is the first question you ask, then perhaps your not spiritually ready to take this step. You may be surprised how unlikely this is to happen. Anyway, if it does, you could always ask nicely whether you could borrow it back, or maybe even buy a new one in the worst case...

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