Re-Establishing Altruism As A Viable Social Norm

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Is an Altruistic Society just a Utopian Fantasy?

A Utopian Society may seem far indeed from the automated consumer society which delegates decisions to the 'invisible hand' of the capitalist market. Few would suggest that their society is gradually evolving in that direction. We see people's righteous frustration with the current development path is a sign of momentum for change.

The last generation has seen increasing inequality within almost all societies across the world - paralleling the increasing inequality between world societies. Big media concerns continue to try to suggest that the 'trickle down effect' will mean, eventually, that everyone gets wealthier. However, social justice campaigners worldwide are unimpressed, and as grassroots poverty increases, so too does grassroots pressure for change.

We suggest that the greatest single obstacle to an altruistic society is our ancient money system - because rewarding self-accumulation, not generosity, and is one of the major oppressors that is hindering a global change of mentality from scarcity to abundance. Money is an unworthy subject of much time and attention, so we can expect progress from a system (such as altruistic economics) that focuses attention instead on human relationships. As people overcome their inner fear of not being provided for and start to look outwards and to help others in turn, we can expect to witness a great change in the world. The hard work of millions has turned science fiction into science fact and made possible technology that was previously only dreamed of. We believe that it is also worth working to achieve the altruistic society that has been the hope throughout the centuries of authors, philosophers and wise men.

A society based on altruism might seem like a utopian dream in this age when many societies are becoming more and more focussed on individuals while basic social units such as the family are declining in significance. However, we believe that this is an ordeal we must undergo - that for some people it has to get worse before it gets better - to convince them of the importance of living in a caring community. The self-reinforcing nature of social cycles means that a change of direction is now of great urgency, lest the social fabric get damaged any more than is necessary. It is high time to start thinking altruistically, working together to heal the world.

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