Re-Establishing Altruism As A Viable Social Norm


Papers for Download

DownloadsCategoryTitleAuthor(s)        Date       Reference
Evolution Turtle hunting and tombstone opening - Public generosity as costly signaling E. A. Smith & R. Bird 1999-12-30Elsevier Evolution and Human Behavior 21, pp.245-261
Economics Dynasties and Destiny - On The Roles of Altruism and Impatience in the Evolution of Consumption and Bequests Oded Stark & Ita Falk 2000 Oct
Money Shelling Out - The Origins of Money Nick Szabo 2002
Money What is Money? Mitchel Innes 1913 May The Banking Law Journal
Money The Attention Economy and the Net Michael H. Goldhaber 1997-04-07 First Monday 2 (Issue 4)
Law The Political Economy of Commons Yochai Benkler 2003 JunNovática Upgrade, the European Journal for the Informatics Professional 4 (Issue 3)
Ecology Towards An Optimistic Future Hardin Tibbs 2000 Sep
Economics Altruism, Nonprofits, and Economic Theory Susan Rose-Ackerman 1996 Jun Journal of Economic Literature 34, pp.701-728
Economics Precautionary Saving and Altruism Katarina Nordblom 1997
Evolution Population Viscosity Evolves Altruism Joshua Mitteldorf & David Wilson 2000-01-10Academic Press Journal of Theoretic Biology 204, pp.481-496
Psychology Genuine Love Is More Than an Altruist’s Daydream Stephen Post 2002The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love
Evolution Varieties of altruism - and the common ground between them Nicholas Humphrey New York Department of Psychology, New School for Social Research
Society Detrimental Effects of Sanctions on Human Altruism Ernst Fehr & Bettina Rockenbach 2003-03-13Nature Publishing Group Nature 422, pp.137-140
Economics Returns to Social Network Capital Among Traders Marcel Fafchamps & Bart Minten 1998 Dec
Economics Economic and Biological Evolution - A non-equilibrium thermodynamic theory Jing Chen 2002 Apr
Economics Myth: Homo economicus is a valid assumption of human behavior Steve Kangas
Ecology Sustainability Hardin Tibbs 1999 JanGlobal Business Network. Deeper News 10 (Issue 1)
Evolution Heterogeneity Stabilizes Reciprocal Altruism Interactions Micheal Fishman, Arnom Lotem & Lewi Stone 2000-12-09Academic Press Journal of Theoretical Biology 209, pp.87-95
Society A Justification Of Societal Altruism According To The Memetic Application Of Hamilton's Rule John R. Evers
Evolution Costly Signaling and Cooperation Smith, Bowles & Gintis 2000-11-14
Game Theory Altruism in Anonymous Dictator Games Catherine Eckel & Phillip Grossman 1996Academic Press Games and Economic Behaviour 16 (Article 81), pp.181-191
Economics An economic analysis of altruism: who benefits from altruistic acts Klaus Jaffe 2002-06-30 Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 5 (Issue 3)
Evolution From Reciprocity to Unconditional Altruism Through Signalling Benefits Lotem, Fishman & Stone 2002-12-10 Proceedings of The Royal Society London 270, pp.199-205
Economics Fractional Reserve Banking as Economic Parasitism - A Scientific, Historical Exposé, Critique and Manifesto Valdimir Nuri 2002-03-15
Evolution Sex causes altruism. Altruism causes sex. Maybe Joel Peck 2004-04-08The Royal Society, London Proceedings of The Royal Society London 271, pp.993-1000
Evolution Biological Altruism Samir Okasha 2003-06-03Edward N. Zalta (ed.) Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Evolution Siblings, Strangers and the Surge of Altruism Oded Stark 1999 Nov Economics Letters 65 (Issue 2), pp.135-142
Philosophy The Fallacies of Egoism and Altruism, and the Fundamental Principle of Morality Kelly Ross 2002 The Friesian School
Philosophy Biologically Supportable Morality Michael Byron
Game Theory Selfish Memes & Selfless Agents - Altruism in the Swap Shop David Hales
Psychology A Theory of Human Motivation Abraham H. Maslow 1943 Psychological Review 50, pp.370-396
Game Theory Spontane Gruppenbildung In Künstlichen Gesellschaften Michael Schillo & Petra Funk 2003-06-17
Psychology Nominal kinship cues facilitate altruism Kerris Oates & Margo Wilson 2001-12-17 Proceedings of The Royal Society London 269, pp.105-109
Game Theory Ecological Symmetry Breaking can Favour the Evolution of Altruism in an Action-response Game Ezequiel A. Di Paolo 2000 Journal of Theoretical Biology 203, pp.135-152
Society Altruism - The Importance of Being Asked Federico Varese & Meir Yaish 1998 May Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History 24
Game Theory Overconfidence & Team Coordination Simon Gervais & Itay Goldstein 2004 Feb
Ecology Industrial Ecology - An Environmental Agenda for Industry Hardin Tibbs 1993Global Business Network.
Evolution The Nature of Human Altruism Ernst Fehr & Urst Fischbacher 2003-09-23 Nature 425 791, pp.785-791
Game Theory Altruism may arise from individual selection Angel Sánchez & José Cuesta 2004-05-20
Economics Affinity as social capital: its role in development A. Allan Schmid 2000 Journal of Socio-Economics 29, pp.159-171
Economics On the Viability of Gift Exchange in a Market Environment Theo van de Klundert & Jeroen van de Ven 1999 Nov
Money Money as IOUs in Social Trust Networks - A Proposal for a Decentralized Currency Network Protocol Ryan Fugger 2004
Game Theory Dictator game giving - Rules of fairness versus acts of kindness Gary Bolton, Elena Katok & Rami Zwick 1998 May International Journal of Game Theory 27, pp.269-299
Evolution Evolution and altruism - Combining psychological mediators with naturally selected tendencies Daniel J. Kruger 2002-11-13Elsevier Evolution and Human Behavior 24, pp.118-125
Economics Coase’s Penguin, or, Linux and The Nature of the Firm Yochai Benkler 2002 The Yale Law Journal 112
Society Market Integration and Fairness Evidence from Ultimatum, Dictator, and Public Goods Experiments in East Africa Jean Ensminger
Economics The Economics Of The Gift Jeroen van de Ven 2000 Sep
Society The Time(s) Of The Gift John O'Neill 2001-10-09
Psychology Individual Differences and Social Norms - The Distinction between Reciprocators and Prosocials Marco Perugini 2001 European Journal of Personality 15, pp.S19-S35
Psychology Information Seeking and Reciprocity : A Transformational Analysis Marcello Gallucci & Marco Perugini 2002-02-19 European Journal of Social Psychology
Psychology Identifying Altruism In The Laboratory Glenn Harrison & Laurie Johnson 2004-05-08
Economics Optimal Provision of Public Goods with Altruistic Individuals Eduardo Ley 2004-04-01
Society To Give and to Give Not - The Behavioral Ecology of Human Food Transfers Michael Gurven 2004Behavioural and Brain Sciences (Issue 27), pp.543-583
Economics Rent Seeking and Innovation Michele Boldrin & David K. Levine 2003-07-13
Psychology The Carrot or the Stick: Rewards, Punishments and Cooperation James Andreoni, William Harbaugh & Lise Vesterlund 2002-03-14
Evolution Altruistic Punishment and The Origin Of Cooperation James Fowler 2005-05-10
Evolution Explaining altruistic behavior in humans Herbert Gintis, Samuel Bowles, Robert Boyd & Ernst Fehr 2003 Evolution and Human Behavior , p.153–172
Economics The Economics of The Coming Spaceship Earth Kenneth Boulding 1996
Medical Brainwashing Effect of TV Jay Hanson
Economics The Political and Social Economics of Information - A Suggested Framework for Heterodox Economics Robert Gassler 2003-11-07
Economics Homo Economicus and the Reconstruction of Political Economy - Six Theses on the Role of Values in Economics Euclid Tsakalotos 2003 Aug
Game Theory Modeling Altruism and Spitefulness in Experiments David Levine 1997-10-17 Revew of Economic Dynamics 1, p.593 622
Psychology Which Is The Fair Sex? - Gender Differences in Altruism James Andreoni & Lise Vesterlund
Economics Identifying Free Riders James Andreoni 1992 AprElsevier Journal of Public Economics (Issue 51), pp.447-454
Game Theory Altruistic Agents in Uncertain, Dynamic Games Eduardo Camponogara, Sarosh Talukdar & Haoyu Zhou 2003-03-09
Economics Risk-Sharing, Altruism and the Factor Structure of Consumption Hayashi, Altonji & Kotlikoff 1991 Sep National Bureau Of Economic Research (Issue 3834)
Economics What can happiness research tell us about Altruism? - Evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel Johannes Schwarze & Rainer Winkelman 2005 Jan
Economics Giving With Impure Altruism - Applications To Charity and Ricardian Equivalence James Andreoni 1989 Dec The Journal Of Political Economy (Issue 97), pp.1447-58
Economics Privately Provided Public Goods In A Large Economy - The Limits Of Altruism James Andreoni 1988 FebElsevier The Journal Of Public Economics (Issue 35), pp.57-73
Economics Parental Altruism and InterVivos Transfers - Theory and Practice Hayashi, Altonji & Kotlikoff 1995 Dec National Bureau Of Economic Research (Issue 5378)
Psychology Warm-Glow Versus Cold-Prickle - Effects of Positive And Negative Framing On Cooperation In Experiments James Andreoni 1995 Feb The Quarterly Journal Of Economics (Issue 110)
Economics Analyzing Choice with Revealed Preference: Is Altruism Rational James Andreoni & John Miller 2002-07-28 The Handbook Of Experimental Economics Results
Economics Impure Altruism & Donations to Public Goods - A Theory Of Warm Glow Giving James Andreoni 1990 Jun The Economic Journal (Issue 100), pp.464-477
Game Theory Building Rational Cooperation James Andreoni & Larry Samuelson 2004-09-07
Economics Charitable Contributions of Time and Money James Andreoni 1996 Jul
Medical Pathogenesis, Immunity and The Quality of Public Health Ivan Illich 1995 Feb Qualitative Health Research (Issue 5) (Article 1)
Economics A pragmatic view on values in economics Arjo Klamer 2003 JunRoutledge 10 (Issue 2), pp.191-212
Economics Can the World Bank Be Fixed David Ellerman 2005-09-14 Post-Autistic Economics Review (Issue 33), pp.2-16
Energy Bartlett: Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth, and the Environment - Revisited Albert Bartlett 1998 JanRenewable Natural Resources Foundation 5430 Grosvenor Lane, Bethesda, MD Renewable Resources Journal 15 (Issue 4), pp.6-23
Economics Altruism & Economics Herbert Simon 2001 83 (Issue 2)
Economics Global environmental problems, efficiency and limited Altruism Olof Johansson-Stenman 2004-10-09
Economics Verified Trust - Reciprocity, Altruism & Noise in Trust Games Marius Brulhart & John-Claude Usunier
Economics The Economics of Altruistic Punishment and the Demise of Cooperation Martijn Egas & Arno Riedl
Society Is Economic Growth Desirable? Matthew Clarke
Evolution Reciprocal altruism and group formation Evelien Zeggelin, Henk de Vos & Donald Elsas 2000-06-30 Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 3 (Issue 3)
Psychology Blood, Bribes and the Crowding-Out of Altruism by Financial Incentives Paul Seabright 2002-02-08University of Toulouse
Economics The Wealth Repartition Law in an Altruistic Society Richard Trigaux
Evolution Strong altruism can evolve in randomly formed groups Jeffrey Fletcher & Martin Zwick 2004Elsevier Journal of Theoretical Biology 228, pp.303-313
Evolution The Evolution of Altruism Between Siblings Robert Rowthorn
Society Altruism and Empathy in America - Trends and Correlates Tom Smith 2006-02-09National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago
Psychology Measuring Beliefs in an Experimental Lost Wallet Game Martin Dufwenberg 1996-07-15Academic Press Games and Economic Behavior 30, pp.163-182
Computer Science Trading in Trust, Tokens, and Stamps Tim Moreton & Andrew Twigg
Game Theory Altruism, Fairness and Evolution - the case for Repeated Stochastic Games Matthijs van Meelen
Computer Science Computational Sociology for Systems In the Wild The Case of BitTorrent Hales & Patarin
Computer Science Considering Altruism in Peer-to-Peer Internet Streaming Broadcast Yang-hua Chu & Hui Zhang
Computer Science Self-Interest, Reciprocity, and Participation in Online Reputation Systems Dellarocas, Fan & Wood
Game Theory A Tale of Two Defectors - The importance of standing for evolution of indirect reciprocity Karthik Panchanathan & Robert Boyd 2003-04-02Elsevier Journal of Theoretic Biology 224, pp.115-126
Psychology On Competition and Well-Being - An Experimental Investigation into Rivalry, Social Disposition, and Subjective Well-Being Jordi Brandts, Arno Riedl & Frans van Winden 2006-05-10
Money Does Pay Motivate Volunteers Bruno Frey & Lorenz Goette 1999-06-11Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich,
Society Downshifting - Regaining the Essence of Leisure Susana Juniu 2000
Economics Fairness and Retaliation - The Economics of Reciprocity Ernst Fehr & Simon Gächter 2000 Mar Journal of Economic Perspectives 14, pp.159-181
Economics Altruism, Evolution, and Welfare Economics John Gowdy 2004Elsevier Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 53, pp.69-73
Game Theory Positive reciprocity and intentions in trust games Kevin McCabe, Mary Rigdon & Vernon Smith 2002-04-05Elsevier Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 52 (Issue 2003), pp.267-275
Evolution Strong Reciprocity, Human Cooperation and the Enforcement of Social Norms Ernst Fehr, Urs Fischbacher & Simon Gächter 2002 Human Nature , pp.1-25
Evolution Strong Reciprocity and Human Sociality Herbert Gintis 2000-05-10
Computer Science The Sybil Attack in Sensor Networks James Newsome & al. 2004-04-26Carnegie Mellon University
Evolution Is prospective altruist-detection an evolved solution to the adaptive problem of subtle cheating in cooperative ventures? - Supportive evidence using the Wason selection task William Brown & Chris Moore 1999-07-08Elsevier Evolution and Human Behavior 21 (Issue 2000), pp.25-37
Medical Altruism Relates to Health in an Ethnically Diverse Sample of Older Adults William Brown, Nathan Consedine & Carol Magai 2004-02-04The Gerontological Society of America Journal of Gerontology 60B (Issue 2005) (Article 3), pp.142-153
Evolution P2P and Human Evolution - Peer to peer as the premise of a new mode of civilization Michel Bauwens 2005-03-01Foundation for P2P Alternative
Economics The Economic Impacts of Altruism, Trust and Reciprocity - An Experimental Approach to Social Capital Marco Castillo & Michael Carter 2002 Jan
Psychology Cues of being watched enhance cooperation in a real-world setting Melissa Bateson, Daniel Nettle & Gilbert Roberts 2006-06-27 Biology Letters 2, pp.412-414
Society An Evolutionary Interpretation of Gift-giving Behavior in Modern Norwegian Society Iver Mysterud, Thomas Drevon & Tore Slagsvold 2006-10-25 Evolutionary Psychology 4 (Issue 2006), pp.406-425
Society Random selection of citizens for technological decision making Lyn Carson & Brian Martin 2002 Apr Science and Public Policy 29 (Issue 2002) (Article 2), pp.105-113
Computer Science AESOP: Altruism-Endowed Self-Organizing Peers Nikos Ntarmos & PeterTriantafillou
Economics The Effects of Spiritual Capital on Altruistic Economics Dean Lillard & Masao Ogaki 2005 Sep
Economics Towards a New Paradigm for Economics Asad Zaman 2005 JKAU Islamic Economics 18 (Issue 2)
Economics Altruism in Experiments James Andreoni, William Harbaugh & Lise Vesterlund
Economics Altruistic Behavior and Cooperation - The role of intrinsic expectation when reputational information is incomplete Jacintha Ellers & Nadia van der Pool 2010 Aug Evolutionary Psychology 8 (Issue 1), pp.37-48
Economics (Why) do selfish people self-select in economics? Allessandro Lanteri 2008 Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 1 (Issue 1), pp.1-23
Game Theory The Evolution of Altruism - Game theory in multilevel selection and inclusive fitness Jeffrey Fletcher & Martin Zwick 2006-10-04 Journal of Theoretical Biology 245, pp.26-36
Money The Symbolic Power of Money - Reminders of Money Alter Social Distress and Physical Pain Xinyue Zhou, Kathleen Vohs & Roy Baumeister 2009 Psychological Science 20 (Issue 6), pp.700-706
Money Merely Activating the Concept of Money Changes Personal and Interpersonal Behavior Kathleen Vohs, Nicole Mead, & Miranda Goode 2008 Current Diresctions in Psychological Science 17 (Issue 3), pp.208-212
Psychology Being Independent is a Great Thing - Subjective Evaluations of Self-Employment & Hierarchy (Benz & Frey) Bruno Frey & Matthias Benz 2006 Sep
Psychology Does Pay Motivate Volunteers? Bruno Frey & Lorenz Goette 1999-06-11
Psychology TV Channels, Self Control and Happiness Christine Benesch, Bruno Frey & Alois Stutzer 2006-07-12

Drafts & Working Papers

DownloadsCategoryTitleAuthor(s)        Date       Reference
Economics Does Altruism produce Efficient Outcomes? Marshall vs. Kaldor David Friedman 1987-05-27
Medical Approaches to Defining Mechanisms by Which Altruistic Love Affects Health Esther Sternberg 2001 Institute for Research on Unlimited Love, Altruism, Compassion, Service
Economics CoOpetition Strategy - A New Kind of Interim Dynamics for Value Creation Giovanni Battista Dagnino 2002-05-09
Society Altruism in Contemporary America Tom W. Smith 2003-07-25Prepared for Fetzger Insitute by National Opinion Research Center
Evolution Evolution of Indirect Reciprocity by Image Scoring - The Dynamics of Indirect Reciprocity Martin A. Nowak & Karl Sigmund 1998 May International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Economics Is Extended Family in Low-Income Countries Altruistically Linked? - Evidences from Bangladesh Cheolsung Park 2001 Nov
Evolution Evolutionary Perspectives on Other Regard Jeffrey Schloss Institute for Research on Unlimited Love Altruism, Compassion, Service
Evolution A Mechanism for the Evolution of Altruism Among Non-kin - Positive Assortment Through Environmental Feedback B.B. Smuts & J.W. Pepper
Philosophy A Defense of Altruism John Baggaley 1999
Economics Altruism & Envy in Contests - An Evolutionary Stable Symbiosis Kai Konrad 2002 DecSocial Science Center Berlin CESIfo Working paper FS IV 02-19 (Issue 825)
misc Promoting Public Good Uses of Scientific Data J. H. Reichman & Paul Uhlir
Game Theory Organizations and Overlapping Generations Games - Memory, Communication, and Altruism Roger Laguno & Akihiko Matsui 2002-06-04
Game Theory Social Reciprocity Jeffrey Carpenter & Peter Matthews 2002 JulMiddlebury College Vermont Middlebury College Economics Discussion Paper 02-29
Economics Economics, Altruism and Manners A. Allan Schmid & Lindon Robison 1995 SepMichigan State University Staff Paper 95-59
Game Theory Poverty in Dictator Games - Awakening Solidarity Pablo Brañas-Garza 2003Fundación Centro de Estudios Andaluces Economic Working Papers at centrA
Psychology Altruism, Equity & Reciprocity in A Gift Exchange Experiment Gary Charness & Ernan Haruvy 1999 Mar
Game Theory Is Reputation a Substitute for Commitment in the Peasant-Dictator Game? John Van Huyck, Raymond Battalio & M. Walters 2001 Feb
Law Open Content Licensing Herkko Hietanen 2003-12-01Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Economics AE3: A Framework for Interactions Between Sympathetic Peers Robin Upton 2005-01-26Altruists International Altruistic Economics AE3
Psychology Children’s Contributions In Public Good Experiments - The Development Of Altruistic And Free-Riding Behaviors William Harbaugh & K. Krause 1999-01-14
Economics The Economics of Non-Governemtal Organisations C. Scott & R. Hopkins 1999-05-02
misc Implementation and Evaluation of a Satisfaction/Altruism Based Architecture for Multi-Robot Systems P. Lucidarme, O. Simonin & A. Liégeois
Economics Does The Consumption of Different Age Groups Move Together? - A New Non-Parametric Test Of Intergenerationonal Altruism.pdf Andrew Abel & Laurence Kotlikoff 1988 JanNational Bureau of Economic Research NBER Working Papers (Issue 2490)
Computer Science Monetary and Non-Monetary Punishment in the Voluntary Contributions Mechanism David Masclet, Charles Noussair, Steven Tucker & Marie-Claire Villeval 2002-07-01
Economics Altruism, Exchange or Indirect Reciprocity - What do the Data on Family Transfers Show Luc Arrondel & André Masson
Economics Discounting and altruism to future decision-makers Maria Saez-Marti & Jörgen Weibull 2004 (Article 3)
Psychology Charismatic Code, Social Norms, and the Emergence of Cooperation on the File-Swapping Networks Lior Jacob StrahilevitzThe Law School, University of Chicago John M. Olin Law & Economics Series 2D (Issue 162)
Evolution Altruism and Darwinian Rationality Howard Margolis 2002-10-29 Working Paper Series 02 (Issue 11)
Game Theory Altruism, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, And The Components Of Selection Jeffrey Fletcher & Martin Zwick 2001
Computer Science Emergent Group-Level Selection in a Peer-to-Peer Network - Group Selection in P2P David Hales 2005 Nov 2005 European Conference on Complex Systems ID169
Economics The Self-Fulfilling Property of Trust Michael Bacharach, Gerardo Guerra & Danuel Zizzo 2004-02-08
Evolution Strong Reciprocity May Evolve With or Without Group Selection Samuel Bowles, Ernst Fehr & Herbert Gintis 2003-12-10
Economics A Theory of Fairness, Competition and Cooperation etition Ernst Fehr & Klaus Schmidt 1999 AprInstitute for Empirical Research in Empirical Economics, University of Zurich The Quarterly Journal of Econom Economics (Issue 1999), pp.817-868
Economics Cooperation and Punishment in Public Goods Experiments Ernst Fehr & Simon Gächter 1999 JunInstitute for Empirical Research in Empirical Economics, University of Zurich American Economic Review 90 (Issue 4), pp.980-994
Philosophy Needs Ivan Illich 1990
Economics Moral Sentiments & Material Interests behind Altruistic Third-Party Punishment Stefania Ottone, Ferruccio Ponzano & Luca Zarri 2008 MayUniversita Degli Studi di Verona Working Papers Series 48
Economics Testing Theories of Fairness - Intentions Matter Armin Falk, Ernst Fehr & Urs Fischbacher 2000 SepInstitute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich Working Papers Series
Philosophy Evaluitis - Eine neue Krankheit Bruno Frey 2006 JunInstitute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich Working Papers Series 293
Psychology From Imperialism to Inspiration - A Survey of Economics and Psychology Bruno Frey & Matthias Benz 2002 MayInstitute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich Working Papers Series 118
Society Punishment - and Beyond Bruno Frey 2009-05-26Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich Working Papers Series 418
Psychology Trust Breeds Trust - How Taxpayers are Treated Lars Feld & Bruno Frey 2002 JanInstitute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich Working Papers Series 98
Philosophy Zwei Utopien Jenseits Des Welstaates und Der Anarchie Bruno Frey 2005-11-29Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich Working Papers Series 258

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