Re-Establishing Altruism As A Viable Social Norm


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DownloadsCategoryBitrateDurationTitleAuthor(s)        Date       Reference
Money48K36:50 How Money is Created Smithy 2004-04-24 Wizards Of Money 1
Money48K43:06 Financial Risk Transfer Smithy 2001-08-25 Wizards Of Money 2
Money48K77:02 Banking on Poverty Smithy 2001-09-30 Wizards Of Money 3
Money48K44:31 Wizards and Warlords Smithy 2001-10-21 Wizards Of Money 4
Money64K47:58 Monetary Terrorism Smithy 2001-11-02 Wizards Of Money 5
Money48K58:26 Democratizing the Monetary System Smithy 2001-11-19 Wizards Of Money 6
Money64K55:17 The Money Cycle versus The Water Cycle Smithy 2001-11-29 Wizards Of Money 7
Money64K59:57 Trading Nature and Cooking the Books Smithy 2001-12-22 Wizards Of Money 8
Money64K51:36 Jack and the Sweatshop Smithy 2002-01-07 Wizards Of Money 9
Money64K58:40 Back to the Twenties Through the Looking Glass - Steagall Smithy 2002-02-03 Wizards Of Money 10
Money64K58:11 House Lever-Edge at the Derivatives Casino Smithy 2002-03-31 Wizards Of Money 11
Money64K59:02 The Imperial Budget and the Mythical Lock-Box Smithy 2002-04-26 Wizards Of Money 12
Money64K58:42 Bankruptcy Bill's Shoot-Out at the Social Safety Net Smithy 2002-05-24 Wizards Of Money 13
Money64K51:22 The Trade Federation and the Intergalactic Banking Clan Smithy 2002-07-06 Wizards Of Money 14
Money64K58:27 Homeland Securitizations and Overseas Vacations Smithy 2002-08-17 Wizards Of Money 15
Money64K53:17 There's a Generic in my Shark Fin Soup Smithy 2002-09-27 Wizards Of Money 16
Money64K59:32 Where Wall Street Crosses Auburn Avenue Smithy 2003-01-18 Wizards Of Money 18
Money64K57:26 The Education Sweepstakes Smithy 2003-03-29 Wizards Of Money 19
Money64K55:19 The Battle of the Dragons - Oil vs Insurance Smithy 2003-05-31 Wizards Of Money 20
Money64K21:27 Playing Russian Roulette in the Carbon Markets Smithy 2003-08-10 Wizards Of Money 21
Money64K58:25 Ecotainment Gossip...Mickey Mouse & Smokey Bear? Smithy 2003-11-09 Wizards Of Money 22
Money64K57:38 Caught Between a Dock and a Sweatshop Smithy 2002-11-17 Wizards Of Money 17
misc56K6:18 Speaking about God Mahatma Ghandi 1931
Activism32K0:55 I Have Been To The Mountain Top (Excerpt) Martin Luther King 1968-04-03
Activism32K11:10 I Have Been To The Mountain Top (End) Martin Luther King 1968-04-03
War & Peace217K48:32 War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning Chris Hedges 2003-10-11Active Ingredients Media
Ecology96K50:28 Bugs R Us David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 1
Ecology96K50:04 Big Foot David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 2
Ecology96K50:01 Sez Who David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 3
Ecology96K49:43 Follow the Money David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 6
Ecology96K50:06 Globalization Rules David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 7
Ecology96K49:59 Complex Pleasures David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 8
Education215K30:27 Remembering Ivan Illich (Audio) Lee Hoinacki 2005-01-23Radio4All Radio Free School 22
Economics48K50:20 Confessions Of An Economic Hitman Interview John Perkins Democracy Now
War & Peace64K4:03 Truth Martin Luther King & Peter Gabriel 2004-05-29Radio4All Passion
War & Peace128K5:21 War On The Poor Martin Luther King & Peter Gabriel 2004-05-29Radio4All Passion
Ecology96K49:55 Unnatural Selection David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 4
Ecology96K49:59 Your Money Or Your Life Forms David Suzuki & Holly Dressel 1999-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From Naked Ape to Superspecies 5
War & Peace128K2:40 Apathy Martin Luther King & Peter Gabriel 2004-05-29Radio4All Passion
War & Peace128K6:16 Applauded Martin Luther King & Peter Gabriel 2004-05-29Radio4All Passion
War & Peace128K7:30 God Is Love Martin Luther King & Peter Gabriel 2004-05-29Radio4All Passion
War & Peace128K10:52 Now Is The Time Martin Luther King & Peter Gabriel 2004-05-29Radio4All Passion
Society92K53:07 The Decline of Friendship David Cayley & Ivan Illich 2000-02-20Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Corruption of Christianity 5
Education215K30:03 Outing School (1) John Taylor Gatto 2004-12-15Radio4All Radio Free School C (Issue 24)
Education205K30:00 Outing School (2) John Taylor Gatto 2004-12-22Radio4All Radio Free School C (Issue 25)
Education203K30:32 Outing School (3) John Taylor Gatto 2004-12-29Radio4All Radio Free School C (Issue 26)
Ecology64K29:27 Interview about The Water Crisis Lester Brown
Education32K31:59 Public Education John Taylor GattoWashington Journal
Education280K48:05 A Schooling is Not An Education John Taylor Gatto
Education128K14:36 The Paradox Of Extended Childhood John Taylor Gatto 2000-10-27Holt Associates
Education160K44:00 Deschooling Society - 1/2 Ivan Illich 1970
Education160K39:31 Deschooling Society - 2/2 Ivan Illich 1970
Computer Science48K1:35 Remarks On Accreditation Ivan Illich
misc128K52:05 Born To Buy Juliet Schor 2005-03-09
misc24K16:13 I Have A Dream Speech Martin Luther King 1963-08-28
Education128K110:46 Beyond Columbine John Taylor GattoCSpan2
Education128K28:17 The Trouble with America's Schools John Taylor Gatto Insight & Outlook
Education16K56:20 Real Purposes of Schooling John Taylor Gatto 2003-09-06Phillip Dru
Economics48K29:01 Discussion of 'Hollow City' Rebecca SolnitTUC Radio
Money96K3:26 Remarks on Homo Economicus Ivan Illich
Education32K79:32 Compiled Thoughts On Schooling (1) John Taylor Gatto 2003World Prosperity Thoughts On Schooling 1-10
Education32K78:42 Compiled Thoughts On Schooling (2) John Taylor Gatto 2003World Prosperity Thoughts On Schooling 11-19
Ecology48K29:48 Tree - A Life Story David Suzuki 2004-02-12Hot Potato Media
Ecology48K30:08 Strangely Like War George Draffan
Activism64K28:38 The Yes Men UnknownMedia Geek
Psychology64K29:00 Learning and Mentorship Eric Liu 2005-03-19Radio Curious
Education32K68:21 Bianca, You Animal, Shut Up! John Taylor Gatto
Education32K48:05 A Schooling Is Not An Education  John Taylor Gatto
Education32K77:24 Mudsill Theory - Jamie Escalante and the Lancaster Amish John Taylor Gatto
Education128K57:16 The Neglected Genius Of American Spirituality John Taylor Gatto 1997
Money40K42:17 Beyond Money John Taylor Gatto
Education32K66:03 The Seven-lesson Schoolteacher John Taylor Gatto
Education32K57:05 The Guerrilla Curriculum (1) John Taylor Gatto
Education32K51:55 The Guerrilla Curriculum (2) John Taylor Gatto
Education128K49:36 On The Scientific Management of Children -
A Short Angry History of American Forced Schooling
 John Taylor Gatto
Education32K63:23 The Congregational Principle John Taylor Gatto
Education32K26:35 Classrooms of the Heart John Taylor Gatto
Education32K59:53 The Logical Tragedy of Benson, Vermont John Taylor Gatto
Education24K31:58 Australian Interview John Taylor Gatto 2004-09-07ABC
Education32K80:07 The Schools Our Children Deserve Alfie Kohn
Food48K58:41 The Future Of Food Deborah Garcia 2005-11-23Mind Over Matters
Education64K73:04 Schools & Social Control John Taylor Gatto 2003Radio For Peace International 5th annual LINK homeschool conference.
Society16K49:16 No Time Heather Menzies 2005-04-20Necessary Voices
Society44K42:23 No Time, Stress and the Crisis of Modern Life Heather Menzies & Robert Gougeon
Ecology128K25:28 What is Sustainability? Thomas Walsh 2005-10-19Sustainable Voices
Philosophy16K79:08 On Being a Native American  2005-12-07
Law64K47:00 Privatisation & Intellectual Property Rights Ken Brew 2006-01-13
Society16K57:26 On Affluenza, GDP, Health, Family etc. Unknown 2005-06-01
Economics64K33:00 The Collapse of Globalism John Ralston Saul 2005-06-11Necessary Voices
War & Peace64K76:46 Non Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenburg Marshall Rosenburg 2005-02-07Peace Talks Radio
Philosophy32K52:28 Institutionalisation, Sin & the Decline of Hospitality Ivan Illich 2000Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Corruption of Christianity 1
Technology32K52:06 Conscience, The Rule of Law & Technology Ivan Illich 2000Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Corruption of Christianity 2
Psychology32K52:28 A History of Seeing Ivan Illich 2000Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Corruption of Christianity 3
Medical32K52:32 Contingency, Proportionality, Iatrogensis & The Body Ivan Illich 2000Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Corruption of Christianity 4
Philosophy32K53:18 Friendship & Foolish Renunciation in the Age of Systems Ivan Illich 2000Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Corruption of Christianity 5
Philosophy40K56:49 Life As Idol Ivan Illich 1992 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Society64K56:35 The US Underground Economy - Reefer Madness Eric Schlosser 2004Alternative Radio
Activism24K28:02 Don't Mourn, Organise! - The Judi Bari Story Unknown 2004BBC
Education96K1:32 Creating Incompetence in Children Raymond Williams
Medical32K27:51 On Genes Ivan Illich
Psychology64K0:36 On Mutual Sympathy Martin Luther King
Technology64K22:16 On The Non-Neutrality of Technology Gerry Mander
Psychology64K21:15 What Really Matters in Life John Taylor Gatto
Ecology64K50:51 Ecology & Ideology Murray Bookchin
Psychology64K57:15 Psychological Roots of Western Culture Marvin Bram 2003 Oct
Education128K29:58 Explanation of The Realities of Modern US Education Jonathan Kozol 2005-10-01People's Tribune Radio
Education32K49:55 Engaging Students Through Digital Media Tools Marco Antonio Torres 2006-05-03Speed Of Creativity Apple Learning Conference
Society40K29:12 The Corporate Concensus George DraffanMind Over Matters
Economics64K29:41 The Debt Industry League of Revolutionaries People's Tribune Radio
Economics40K72:49 Reforming Corporations John PerkinsCSPAN
Education61K71:29 The Illusion of Standardised Tests & Schooling John Taylor Gatto 2006 Jun
Energy40K45:11  The Oil We Eat Richard Manning
War & Peace64K9:58 Why I'm Not Fighting In Iraq Ehren Watada 2007
Society64K50:33 The Real Toy Story - Inside the Ruthless Battle for America's Youngest Consumers Eric Clark 2007-01-23WILL-AM, University Of Illinois Focus580
Society44K35:34 The Abolition of Work Bob Black
Economics32K42:00 The Gift Charles Eisenstein 2009
Education64K32:59 Interview with Lennart Mogren John Taylor Gatto 2003Lennart Mogren
Education48K22:33 Do Schools Today Kill Creativity Ken Robinson
Education40K39:19 The Homework Myth - Why Our Kids Are Getting Too Much of a Bad Thing Alfie Kohn 2006-10-23Culture Shocks Culture Shocks
Economics44K22:57 Invisible Hand interview Larry Mason & Robin Upton 2008-10-15Altruists International
Money44K59:27 Don't let money change you  2008-11-14Virtual Renderings
Education128K29:04 Dumbing Us Down Interview John Taylor Gatto 2009-08-31History Counts
History24K59:56 The Ford Presidency & Watergate Webster Tarpley 2008-01-02KPFA
Economics32K42:37 The Myth and Meaning of Monopoly Capitalism Edward Griffin
History40K126:48 Moments of Insight from Around The World John Perkins 2007
Economics128K15:36 AE960 - Development of Altruistic Economics Robin Upton 2010-02-11Radio Free Brighton
Society32K76:54 AE911a - Collapse of Hierarchy Audio Robin Upton 2010-04-16Altruists International
Education64K130:13 A Letter to My Granddaughter John Taylor Gatto 2007-11-06
Education32K56:24 Teaching Children To Care Alfie Kohn 2009-04-20
Education64K62:40 Walkabout London - An Unscientific Look at Open-Source Education John Taylor Gatto 2009 MarNew Hampshire Liberty Forum
misc24K96:11 Life of Ivan Illich John Mcknight 2010-04-10
Computer Science64K66:49 GE1A - An Internet Gift Economy Robin Upton 2010-05-06Altruists International
History48K7:33 When False Flags Don't Fly James Corbett 2010Corbett Report
Computer Science64K45:50 FF103A - F2F & the Internet Gift Economy Robin Upton 2010-05-07Altruists International
Education32K77:07 Gatto on Coast2Coast John Taylor Gatto 2009-04-05
Fiction128K1136:52 Invisible Hand Audiobook Larry Mason 2008POM Education
Society96K27:02 Innate Competition of Western Society Alfie KohnOpenMind
Economics56K438:41 The Secret History of The American Empire John Perkins
Economics96K653:06 Rogue Economics Loretta Napoleoni
Money80K270:57 Reality Course on Money G. Edward Griffin
Education32K55:03 John Gatto on Evolving Ideas John Taylor Gatto 2010-06-07
Education16K51:27 John Gatto on Living Hero John Taylor Gatto 2009-09-01
Education64K241:13 Keynote to 2004 AERO Conference John Taylor Gatto 2004 Aug
Economics64K233:36 Keynote to 2005 AERO Conference John Taylor Gatto 2005 Aug
Education64K183:03 Keynote to 2006 AERO Conference John Taylor Gatto 2006 Aug
Education24K116:48 My Teacher Career and The Tyranny of Schooling John Taylor Gatto 2006-06-06
Education64K83:47 K-Talk interview on The Truth of Schooling John Taylor Gatto 2009-03-13
miscK5:47 Give Away Shops Deutsche Welle
miscK:00 On Professionalism Howard Zinn
misc16K51:27 The Destructiveness of Schools John Taylor Gatto 2009-09-01 Living Hero

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