Re-Establishing Altruism As A Viable Social Norm


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Medical Brain Imaging Studies Reveal Biological Basis for Human Cooperation Emory Health Sciences 2002-07-19Emory University
Ecology Turning Scarcity into Abundance Vandana Shiva 2002Positive Futures Network YES! Magazine
Medical Couples 'Feel Each Other's Pain' Unknown 2004-02-20BBC
Psychology The Burden of Materialism Tim Madigan 2004-03-17Star-Telegram WWW
Evolution I wanted to show how niceness evolves David Wilson 2003-07-24
Ecology Warning to Humanity Union of Concerned Scientists 1992 Nov
Society Army of Young Altruists Grows Larissa Dubecki 1999-05-05The Age Company
Society Volunteering on Vacation Martha Stevenson Olson 2000-04-30New York Times
Society Community loses when altruism wanes O.K. Carter 2004-08-08Star-Telegram WWW
misc Gentle Action in Middlesborough: A Pari Center success story. Unknown 2001
misc Altruism: A Scientific Perspective Douglas A. Vakoch 2002 Science & Spirit Magazine
Psychology Character is passed down Marvin Berkowitz 2004-02-29The Topeka Capital-Journal
Psychology Experts look for happiness in a buy-and-sell world Tim Madigan 2004-04-19Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Psychology The Secret of Happiness David Myers 2004 YES! Magazine (Issue Summer)
Evolution Racism and xenophobia linked to biological fear of outsiders in Stone Age Steve Connor 2004-03-18 The Independent
Medical Scientists discover how the brain feels others' pain - Empathy has neurological basis, they say Keay Davidson 2004-02-20 San Francisco Chronicle
misc The Gift Relationship Unknown 2004-05-07 The Economist
Psychology Recipients of altruism likely to pass it on Heather Smith 2002 Sep
Economics Buddhist Economics Ernest Schumacher 1966Anthony Blond Ltd London Asia: A Handbook
Society Spiritual Progress and Spiritual Wealth Chris Thompson 2005-02-27
Economics The Economics of Sharing Unknown 2005-02-09The Economist
Money  How Money is Created Smithy 2001-07-29 Wizards Of Money 1
Money  Financial Risk Transfer Smithy 2001-08-25 Wizards Of Money 2
Money  Banking on Poverty Smithy 2001-09-30 Wizards Of Money 3
Money  Wizards and Warlords Smithy 2001-10-21 Wizards Of Money 4
Money  Monetary Terrorism Smithy 2001-11-02 Wizards Of Money 5
Evolution Kind and Considerate Emma Young 2001-06-18New Scientist
Money  Democratizing the Monetary System Smithy 2001-11-19 Wizards Of Money 6
Money  The Money Cycle versus The Water Cycle Smithy 2001-11-29 Wizards Of Money 7
Money  Trading Nature and Cooking the Books Smithy 2001-12-22 Wizards Of Money 8
Money  Jack and the Sweatshop Smithy 2002-01-07 Wizards Of Money 9
Money  Back to the Twenties Through the Looking Glass - Steagall Smithy 2002-02-03 Wizards Of Money 10
Money  House Lever-Edge at the Derivatives Casino Smithy 2002-03-31 Wizards Of Money 11
Money  The Imperial Budget and the Mythical Lock-Box Smithy 2002-04-26 Wizards Of Money 12
Money  Bankruptcy Bill's Shoot-Out at the Social Safety Net Smithy 2002-05-24 Wizards Of Money 13
Money  The Trade Federation and the Intergalactic Banking Clan Smithy 2002-07-06 Wizards Of Money 14
Money  Homeland Securitizations and Overseas Vacations Smithy 2002-08-17 Wizards Of Money 15
Money  There's a Generic in my Shark Fin Soup Smithy 2002-09-27 Wizards Of Money 16
Money  Caught Between a Dock and a Sweatshop Smithy 2002-11-17 Wizards Of Money 17
Money  Where Wall Street Crosses Auburn Avenue Smithy 2003-01-18 Wizards Of Money 18
Money  The Education Sweepstakes Smithy 2003-03-29 Wizards Of Money 19
Money  The Battle of the Dragons - Oil vs Insurance Smithy 2003-05-31 Wizards Of Money 20
Money  Playing Russian Roulette in the Carbon Markets Smithy 2003-08-10 Wizards Of Money 21
Money Script Compilation Smithy 2005-03-13 Wizards Of Money 1 - 21
Psychology Beyond Selfishness - We start helping others early in life, but we're not always consistent Alfie Kohn 1988 OctPsychology Today
Education The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher John Taylor Gatto 1991
misc Silence is a Commons Ivan Illich 1983
Evolution Fair Punishment supports Human Altruism James Randerson 2003-03-12New Scientist
Evolution Charity begins at Homo sapiens Mark Buchanan 2005-03-12
misc Remembering Ivan Illich Carl Mitcham & al. 2003 Whole Earth
Economics DUP Activities and Economic Theory J. N. Bhagwati, R.A. Brecher & T. N. Srinivasa 1984Cambridge: Ballinger Neoclassical Political Economy , pp.17-32
Activism I Have A Dream Speech (Transcript) Martin Luther King 1963-08-28
Ecology Lester Brown at Annual Gathering of Friends Lester Brown 2004-07-09Global Public Media
Medical Studies on love and kindness get better with age Stephen Post 2004 Feb Science & Theology News
Medical Altruism more than a step on the road to recovery J. Scott Tonigan 2004 Feb Science & Theology News
Medical Caregiver can be a partner's best medicine Julia Keller 2004 Feb Science & Theology News
Psychology Egoism and altruism share our hearts C. Daniel Batson 2004 Feb Science & Theology News
Psychology Brighter side of Human Psyche Humair Hashmi 2005-05-19
misc Personal Solutions, Family Solutions John Taylor Gatto
Money Smash Cash David Ramsay Steele 1968
Money The Money Myth Exploded - The Financial Enigma Resolved Louis Even
Society The Hidden Commons Jonathan Rowe 2001Positive Futures Network YES! Magazine
Economics The Coming Breakdown of the Employment System R. E. K. 1979 MarInstitute of Economic Democracy Enterprise (Issue 1)
Economics Economics of Philanthropy James Andreoni 2001Elsevier International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences , pp.11369-11376
misc The Gift Economy Gifford Pinchot 1995The Context Institute In Context (Issue 41)
War & Peace War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (Transcript) Chris Hedges
Economics AE105: Blueprint for A People-Centred Economy Robin Upton 2005-07-19Altruists International Altruistic Economics AE105
Money The Politics of Ecology, Greens In Power - Grow Your Own Dollars Dick Racey 1987 May New Internationalist 171
Money Money in a New Light Dick Racey 2005
Society Ivan Illich with Jerry Brown Ivan Illich, Carl Mitchum & Jerry Brown 1996-03-22KPFA
Education Against School John Taylor Gatto
Economics Confessions of An Economic Hitman John Perkins
Money AE504: Making An Alternative to Con Money Robin Upton 2006-02-09Altruists International Altruistic Economics AE504
Philosophy The Optimism of Uncertainty Howard Zinn 2004
Economics The Future of Developed Society Robin Upton 2005-08-16
Education The Spread of Education Before Compulsion Edwin West
Society Escaping the Matrix Richard Moore 2000 Jun
Psychology What Really Matters John Taylor Gatto
Technology The Machine's Hidden Agenda Steve TalbottThe Nature Institute
Society Reengineering Society for Efficiency Steve TalbottThe Nature Institute
Money Como Se Crea El Dinero Smithy Hechiceros del Dinero 1
Money Transferencia Del Riesgo Financiero Smithy Hechiceros del Dinero 2
Money Actividad Bancaria en La Pobreza Smithy Hechiceros del Dinero 3
Money Hechiceros y Comandantes Smithy Hechiceros del Dinero 4
Money Terrorismo Monetario Smithy Hechiceros del Dinero 5
Money Democratizando el Sistema Monetario Smithy Hechiceros del Dinero 6
Money El Ciclo Monetario Contra el Ciclo del Agua Smithy Hechiceros del Dinero 7
History Text and University - on the Idea and History of a Unique Institution Ivan Illich 1991
Biology The Biology of Globalization Elisabet Sahtouris
Society Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century Dmitry Orlov
Technology Autostop Ivan Illich & Jean Robert 1992
Society The Flip Side of Altruism Herbert Gintis
Education John Taylor Gatto John Taylor Gatto 2000
Food The Oil We Eat - Following the food chain back to Iraq Richard Manning 2004Harper's Magazine
Society The System Works Ran Prieur
War & Peace NonViolent Communication as an Evolutionary Imperative - The InnerView of Marshall Rosenberg Peter Moore 2004Alternatives Magazine Alternatives Magazine Spring (Issue 29)
Money Money In Crisis Stephen Belgin
Psychology The Metropolis and Mental Life Georg Simmel
Psychology People Moved to Help Often Become Heroes Unknown 2006-05-21
Activism Preaching against Corporate Space-invaders Gary Younge 2005-02-26The Guardian
Education I'm a Saboteur John Taylor Gatto 2000 Fast Company (Issue 40)
Evolution Is Altruism Encoded in Our Genes William Orem 2006-07-04 Science & Theology News
Education 9 Assumptions of Schooling - & 21 Facts the Institution would rather not discuss John Taylor Gatto
Evolution Altruism Of Cleaner Fish Unknown 2006-06-22University of Queensland, Australia
Biology Mice Capable of Empathy Unknown 2006-06-29McGill University, Canada
Philosophy Running on Emptiness - The Failure of Symbolic Thought John Zerzan
Society Abolition of Work (Transcript) Bob Black 1985
Education Mudsill Theory - Jamie Escalante & the Lancaster Amish John Taylor Gatto 1997
Education Love of Learning Robin Upton 2006-07-11
Philosophy Number, Its Origin and Evolution John Zerzan
Economics The Post-Autistic Economics Movement - A Brief History Edward Fullbrook
Economics The Marketplace of Perceptions Craig Lambert 2006 AprHarvard Magazine , pp.50-57; 93-95
Evolution The Evolution of Compassion Dacher Keltner 2004-05-14
Economics Who is Afraid of the Past? - Economic Theorists and Historians of Economics on Altruism Philippe Fontaine 1998-07-16
Economics Institutional Schooling Must Be Destroyed John Taylor Gatto
Evolution Selfish genes make humans selfless Diane Swanbrow 2006 SepThe University Record, Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
Money Home of the Brave? John Steinsvold 2005 Jan
Education A Map, A Mirror And A Wristwatch John Taylor Gatto
Technology Speeding Toward Meaninglessness Steve Talbott
Evolution Why Evolution Drives Some Cells to Altruism
Economics Altruistic Economics Johnathan M. Newton 2009-09-03
Society Twilight Of The Psychopaths Kevin Barrett 2008-08-01
Evolution 'Nature' Paper Refigures the Evolution of Altruism  2010-02-26
Economics The Altruism in Economics Jeremy Mercer 2009 MayOde Magazine
Psychology Give your workers Something to Smile About Bruno Frey 2010 , pp.60-64

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